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Chartering the World Together”, our slogan says it all, a subsidiary of Royal Jordanian Airline inaugurated in February 1996 as a regional airline connecting Jordan to its neighboring countries and bringing the Middle East and the surrounding countries closer.

Considerably progressed with time, Royal Wings met the high demand of air travel business and made dramatic improvement in its operation to achieve the highest level of safety, performance, and customer satisfaction.

For the past thirteen years, Royal Wings have achieved victorious operation and backed-up the name with loyalty and integrity, and continue to offer safe, reliable aviation services. Inspired by its state of the art handling services, and enthused by its in-house premium engineering and maintenance aircraft services, Royal Wings previously operated air services to eight destinations, Aqaba, Tel Aviv, Al Arish, Sharm El Sheikh, Aleppo, Ankara, Aqaba-Sharm El Sheikh, and Alexandria all from Amman Marka International Airport and Queen Alia International Airport, in addition to a number of adhoc charter services. Royal Wings today, is more motivated and more aimed to dominate the charter business.

In recent time, Royal Wings have gone through restructuring and transformation to fine-tune to the new aviation environment in the region. A transition into a low cost charter operation with a modern fleet was implemented to further support the charter business and compete effectively and efficiently.

Alternatively, a gradual voyage of the regional operation that was operated by Royal Wings has taken place to Royal Jordanian. The turboprop airplanes were relocated to Queen Alia Airport and operated under the name and brand of Royal Jordanian Airline. This restructuring is intended to have a more focused business plan for the group, whereby Royal Jordanian route network, regional and international will operate under Royal Jordanian and the charter sales and operation under Royal Wings, the airline that hold the full meaning of “Chartering the World Together”.