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Ground Handling Services

To be as a leader Ground Handling Agent worldwide and become a premier provider for Jordan ground handling business.

To present the targeted customers with high level of services, safe, reliable and efficient services. safety as its highest priority ensuring that the best practice techniques are shared around the world.

Royal Wings providing efficient, reliable with priority on safety Ground Handling Services in Amman Civil Airport, that include passenger, baggage, ramp, and cargo handling, conforms to the standards and recommended practices contained in the IATA Airport Handling Manual and Dangerous Goods Regulations current edition, and to the requirements of JCAR Part 140.

Royal Wings commitment to the very highest standards of quality and safety. The ability to serve such a rapidly expanding and evolving industry is due to the Company’s focus on perfection and helpful, hard-working and experienced staff.
to ensure the consistency of services with the quality of training standards,.

  • Customer Airlines Services:

offering the customer care by making travel easier for passengers. the first responsibility is to satisfy customers and the customers of our customer as they are the best guarantee for successful growth.
Royal Wings provides upon the airlines requests Landing and overflying permission.
Fast and efficient check-in services, receive & welcome upon arrival & departure at Amman Civil Airport. Trained staff offer assistance to passengers with special needs, including unaccompanied minors and reduced mobility person.

Baggage Services
Effective baggage management system, providing safe, efficient passenger baggage handling services exceeding the standards of the customer airlines. by a commitment to be the best, to seek ongoing improvements in the handling of passenger baggage., with efficiently process departing, arriving and transfer baggage within minimum time.
• Ramp Services
Safely servicing loading operations, technical ground support, aircraft appearance and logistics. Safety ramp operations with highly trained staff operating equipment ensures that all staff are up-to-date on safety procedures, equipment operation and the latest handling techniques


  • Operations

A safety management system applicable to the size, scope and complexity of handling activities, with a view to ensuring that operations are carried out in a controlled and safe manner.Weight and balance, load plan and load sheet, and flight supervision, safe and on-time co-ordination of aircraft. Trained staff ensure the safe and efficient co-ordination of all ground handling requirements at Amman Civil Airport, responsible for monitoring the arrival and departure schedules of customer Airlines and the coordination of all turnaround activities, they are committed to maintaining the integrity of airline schedules. ensures each aircraft is loaded with passengers, bags, cargo, fuel ,catering and others.

  • Aviation fuel services

Royal Wings arranges coordinates with Jordan Refinery JO Petrol to supply fuel to the customers' aircraft

  • Catering services

Royal Wings arranges and coordinates with ALPHA Catering Services to supply meals to the customers' flights

  • Crews transportation & Accommodation

Deliver a highly personalized service for crew. Upon their Request and choice