1.0 Baggage policy


1.1 Free Baggage allowance


Travel Class

Total Maximum Weight

Business .

30 KGS


20 KGS



1.2 Checked Baggage Allowance for all destinations


Economy Class: One piece of luggage

    Maximum Dimensions: 62 linear inches/158 cm (length + width + height)

Maximum Weight: 44 lb/20 kg


·      Children Fare the same baggage allowance as passengers paying full adult fare.


·      Infants are allowed baby food and other necessities for the flight, to a maximum weight of 15 lb/7kg, in addition to the carry-on allowance of the accompanying adult. Baby buggies may need to be checked in at the gate due to limited stowage in the aircraft cabin space.


·      UM charges:

Upon issuance of the UM ticket a service charge will be applicable for UM travel as follows (each way)

50 USD – no transit UM allowed only point to point



1.2.1 Extra baggage policy / Piece concept

Up to 20 KGS


A-  Online booking

-       First Bag. 20 USD / free for now

-       Second Bag 45 USD

-       Third Bag. 75 USD


B-   At Check-in counter

-       First Bag. 25 USD / free

-       2nd Bag. 50 USD

-       3rd Bag.. 80 USD


·  Bags weighing more than 70 lb/32 kg will not be accepted.


·  Bags weighing between 20 kg/50 lbs. and 32 kg/70 lbs., the excess weight charge will be $45.00 USD per bag.


1.2.2 carry-on allowances


One piece of carry-on baggage is allowed per person according to the set size, weight and shape.

Each piece of Carry-on shall meet the following conditions:

     It shall be of a size, weight and shape to fit under a passenger seat or in an enclosed

storage compartment;

     Its weight shall not exceed 7 kgs.

     It may have maximum dimensions of (9X16X20in) or (23X41X51cm) however, the

sum of the three dimensions shall not exceed (45 inches) (115 cm). These

dimensions include wheels, handles, side pockets, etc.

Special Note

In addition to the CARRY-ON allowance, the following can be accepted as carry-on items:

     Passengers traveling with infants are allowed one fully collapsible stroller/push-

chair or infant's carrying basket that may be carried in the passenger cabin subject

space availability.

     An umbrella or walking stick.

     A small camera.

     A pair of binoculars.

     A reasonable amount of reading material for the flight.

     A pair of crutches and/or braces required by a passenger.

     A laptop computer.


1.2.3 Musical Instruments

Small musical instruments may be carried on-board the aircraft providing they meet existing carry-on size requirements and fit in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you.

Case dimensions may not exceed 115 cms/45 inches (width+length+height), except for guitars which may be brought on board only if they can be safely stowed in an overhead bin or approved stowage location in the cabin.

The instrument is considered the passenger's one allowed carry-on bag.

A personal item is allowed in addition to the instrument.

If an instrument is too large to fit in the carry-on baggage space, an additional seat may be purchased. In this case, an instrument must travel in a window, bulkhead seat, with the customer in the adjoining seat.

Instruments may also be transported as checked baggage. However, due to their fragile nature Royal wings does not accept liability for damages and has limited liability for loss. Royal Wings is also not liable for any damage to checked musical instruments not presented in a hard-sided case. If the outside of the hard-sided case does not have visible damage, Royal wings is not liable for any damage to the musical instrument inside the case





1.3 Assistive Devices

A- WHC- S-C will be charged 35 USD plus Ambulifter cost in origin and destination.

B- WHC- R : will be charged 35 USD / one way

C- Wheelchairs and Assistive Devices will be carried free of charge for Passenger with special needs.



1.4   PET in Cabin : PETC

Pets transported in the cabin must be in a carrier/crate. The weight of your pet and its carrier/crate together determine the excess baggage fee per kg. The minimum fee for transporting pets in the cabin that weigh 7 kg or less is USD 50 even if the excess baggage fee works out to less than USD 50 as determined by weight. The excess baggage fee is determined by weight for charges over USD 70.       


A- Maximum pet weight ALLOWED in Cabin including cage is up to 7 KGS.


B- Inadmissible pets

The following dogs are considered dangerous and will not be admitted on our flights: American pitbull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, bull terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier, Japanese tosa, dogo argentino, doberman, pincher doberman, rottweiller


c- Fees for pets transported in the aircraft hold (AVIH): 

Pets transported in the aircraft hold must be in a carrier/crate. If your pet and its carrier/crate weigh over 7 kg, the fee is Twice the amount of the normal excess baggage charges for ONE extra piece not to exceed 32 KG or 70 LB and the sum of the 3 dimensions not to exceed 203 cm or 80 inches.



1.5   Sports Equipment Baggage

·         For sports equipment that are listed below, sports equipment charge per piece is taken based on below “Sports Equipment Baggage Charge.

·         If sports equipment weight exceeds 15 kg, sports equipment is divided into 2 and/or more pieces and for each of them sports equipment charges per piece are taken.


Ø  Scuba Diving Equipment

One item of scuba diving equipment may be carried as baggage allowance and is defined as:

1.       one empty scuba tanks,

2.       one scuba regulator,

3.       one tank harness,

4.       one tank pressure gauge,

5.       one mask, two fins,

6.       one snorkel, one knife, one spear gun and one safety vest;

Regardless of actual dimensions, scuba diving equip will be considered one piece of baggage whose outside linear dimensions are 158cm (62 inches).

if in excess it shall be charged 50% of the applicable excess baggage charges.







Ø  Snow / Water Ski

Snow skiing equipment consisting of NOT more than one set will be counted as one piece consisting of:

     one pair of skis, one pair of ski poles, one pair of boots, or,

     one snow board, one pair of boots, or,

     one pair of standard water skis, or,

     one slalom water ski.


if in excess it shall be charge as the applicable excess baggage charges.


Ø  Fishing Equipment

One item of fishing equipment consisting of not more than, one landing net, one pair of fishing boots and one fishing tackle box (all properly encased) two rods, one reel; will be counted as one piece at 158cm (62 inches) when in excess, it will be subject to excess charges for a single piece whether or not presented as a single piece


Ø  Surfboarding and Windsurfing Equipment

Surfboarding/Windsurfing equipment shall not be included in the free

checked baggage allowance and shall be charged as follows:

One board not exceeding 109in (277 cm): charged at 50% of the applicable first additional piece charges.

One board exceeding 109in (277 cm): first additional piece applicable charges. Additional boards: applicable excess baggage charge.



2.0 Lost and Damaged Baggage Claims


2.1 Lost Baggage

If the bag is not found after a period of 10 working days, the ROYAL WINGS passenger Services Manager can declare the baggage as lost. The passenger should then be

Requested to submit a baggage claim form.

The following supporting documents must be attached to the PIR:

1. Original baggage tag(s)

2. Boarding pass of the passenger

3. E ticket

4. All correspondence regarding the case.

5. Original completed and signed Baggage Claim Form

6. Release and Indemnity signed by the passenger.

Destruction, Loss, or Damage to Baggage

RW will handle all baggage claims in accordance with law applicable to the passengers travel, and in cases where Montreal Convention applies our liability in case of proven destruction, loss, damage or delay to baggage is limited to an amount of 1131 SDRs.

In normal cases we compensate $ 20 / KGS for allowed checked baggage and paid excess baggage 



2.2 Damaged Claims

In case of damaged baggage, the compensation may either be repair or replacement.

The compensation would depend on the extent of the damage and cost involved.

Passengers should be requested to provide proof of costs for the baggage. If they are unable to do so, ROYAL WINGS Passenger Services managers are to use his/her discretion in ascertaining the cost of the suitcase.

Royal Wings will not be liable for:

A- Minor Damages

RW unable to accept liability for damage to baggage due to wear and tear, which includes the following:

• Minor cuts, scratches, scuffs, dents, dirt and stains

• Damage to wheels, feet or extending handles

• Damage to fragile or perishable items

• Damage due to over-packed baggage

• Loss of external locks, pull straps, security straps or zipper tabs

• Baggage accepted under the conditions of the Limited Release Tag (LRT)

• Items confiscated by airport authorities or security


B- Valuable

• Passengers should not include the following items in their checked baggage:

• - Fragile and perishable items

• - Valuables

• - Computers and personal electronic devices

• - Stored data

• - Camera

• - Any medication or medical equipment

• - Valuable documents such as business documents, passports, certificates,

• - Identification.

• - Documents, negotiable papers etc.


C- Limited Release Tag.

We accept fragile, perishable, and inadequately packed baggage upon completion of a Limited Release Baggage tag.

Baggage with pre-existing damage shall likewise be accepted as a Limited Release


The Limited Release Baggage Tag releases the airline from liabilities on baggage

Resulting from any pre-existing damage or unsuitability for transport


2.3 Pilfered Baggage


When the passenger makes a pilfered baggage report the security-in-charge of the respective customer airlines or his designated representative should be present for a joint examination of the bag. For pilferage cases, an IOM should be sent to the respective customer airlines Airport Manager, with a copy to ROYAL WINGS Airport

Services Manager for investigation.

The following details are required:

1. Passengers name

2. Flight No. /Date of travel

3. Tag No. with airline prefix.

4. Description of items pilfered, with passenger's claim value.