1.1              Schedules


(a)   The flight times and flight durations shown in our timetables may change between the date of publication and the date you actually travel. We will carry you within reasonable dispatch of the time shown on your Booking Confirmation.


(b) We may need to change the departure time of your flight and/or the departure or destination airport after your Booking Confirmation has been issued. It is your responsibility to give us or our Authorised Agent your contact information so that we or that Authorised Agent can try to notify you of any such change. Should, due to the changed time and/or airport, a flight or a return flight with us no longer be of interest you may cancel the return flight in accordance with these Conditions of Carriage and our Rules against a Voucher for the value of the flight/return flight, unless applicable laws provide otherwise.

1.2 Remedies for cancellation, rerouting and delays

(a) Sometimes delays in departure times and the time taken for an aircraft to fly to a destination occur because of circumstances beyond our control (for example, bad weather or air traffic control delays or strikes). We will take all reasonable measures necessary to avoid delay in carrying you and your Baggage. These measures may include using an alternative aircraft or arranging for a flight to be operated for us by an alternative airline, or both.

(b) Unless applicable laws provide otherwise, if your flight is cancelled or delayed for reasons other than outlined in clauses 1.1 and 1.2(a) above the following will apply to you:

(i) if the departure of your flight is delayed less than three hours no compensation or refund will be given;

(ii) if the departure of your flight is delayed more than three hours you will receive a refreshment voucher, applicable to the time of day; and

(iii) if your flight is cancelled you may be re-booked on the next available flight to the same destination free of charge. You can also change the date of your return journey free of charge, subject to availability. Alternatively, you can cancel your reservation and receive a full refund in the form of a Voucher, unless applicable laws provide otherwise.

(c) The three remedies in Articles 1.2(b)(i) to 1.2(b)(iii) do not affect any rights you may have under Article 15.6. Those remedies and rights represent the sole and exclusive remedies and rights available to you if your carriage is affected by one of the events listed in Article 1.2(b).

1.3 Denied boarding

(a) If you are denied boarding on a flight for which you have a valid Booking Confirmation you will be entitled to travel on the next available flight, receive refreshments and care appropriate to the time of day and duration until the next available flight. You will also receive a refund of the total fare for that sector in the form of a Voucher. You may also change the date of your return journey free of charge once, subject to availability. This does not apply if we refuse to carry you for reasons permitted by these Conditions of Carriage.

(b) If Article 1.3(a) applies to you, we will pay to you any compensation due to you under applicable laws.

(c) Apart from your rights under this Article 1.3, we will have no liability to you for any loss or expense whatsoever.